ECD Practitioners Share Experiences at Botanic Gardens

Here in Durban, the Linda Zama Foundation has strong focus on early childhood development due to its significance in laying the foundation for a child’s future success.

On 25 July 2023, The Foundation hosted over 80 ECD practitioners for a day of enrichment, networking, and growth at the Durban Botanic Gardens, as an observation for Nelson Mandela month.

Durban Botanic Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden located in the city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Africa and is recognized as a national monument. The gardens cover an area of about 15 hectares (37 acres) and were established in 1849.

This was a day for First Aid, Storytelling and Permaculture.

Tamlyn Fleetwood and her team from Urban Futures Centre generously shared information on permaculture and compost making before the groups visited sites at the Durban Botanic Gardens.

First Aid. One of the most essential tools in the toolbox of ECD Practioners. The inspirational Mbali from St John Ambulance – South Africa shared essential knowledge with the receptive audience.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners in Durban, South Africa, play a crucial role in the growth and development of young children during their early years. These professionals are typically educators, caregivers, social workers, psychologists, or individuals with specialized training in early childhood education and development.

These ECD practitioners are integral to promoting early education and supporting the overall well-being of young children.

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