Lockdown – Reading the Book that is Me

Lockdown has surprised me about myself. There has never been a dull moment from when I wake up until I retire in the evening.

I am grateful for being healthy and cheerful to myself. I have a pile of books I meant  to read for a wrong reason, when I am bored. However, I am still reading the book that is me.

It is a bonus to have time to myself and not be woken by the alarm  at 4:30 to be at gym for the 5:00 training. I exercise at home at my pace. I have even counted the steps in the house, sixteen steps. I climb  10 x16 =160 steps and break a sweat as I warm up. I am grateful for this discipline and that my body is still strong and healthy.

I have been doing and enjoying simple things in the house. I think I can run an efficient laundromat and restaurant that serves healthy vegetarian dishes.

It is critical that we be reconciled to being aware of the environment. I have become very passionate about sharing photographs of scenes that catch my eye.

I am also grateful that I have had time to trace and connect with friends I had lost contact with because of a busy lifestyle. The longing to reconnect with them has saved me  the regret of not telling them how treasured they have been to my life.

As I continue to read the book that is me, I find it very interesting. Thanks to lockdown.


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