The Foundation has seen the need to make a contribution to improving conditions in the lives of  women, children and youth.


In rural and semi-rural areas, women carry loads of being homemakers and bringing up families. Poverty is palpable. To compound matters, ignorance and economic marginalisation make women vulnerable.  While responding to matters of sustenance, the Foundation gives support by designing relevant workshops or training programmes to equip women to respond to challenges in their lives.


Early Childhood Education in South Africa started with ordinary women being minders of children whose mothers were at work. Currently the registered ones are assisted by the Department of Social Development. There is a move to incorporate the programme into the Department of Basic Education.

The Foundation supports Early Childhood Development  practitioners in enriching the curriculum and in attending courses so that they improve their skills and qualifications. The coronavirus lockdown has emphasised the need for more centres to be hygiene conscious which is in line with a course the Foundation had designed early this year.


Youth unemployment and an increase in cases of depression and suicide have presented the Foundation with challenges that face the youth. When there are youth engagements, the message from the youth is that they do not have forums where they can engage meaningfully about the challenges they face. The confusion and boredom, they say, drive them to seek ways of escaping.

To support young people the Foundation organises youth forums; organises resourceful people to share information as well as counsel and refer where necessary. The high light of engaging the youth in a meaningful and constructive activity is the School Sports and Life Skills Programme

The youth conduct exercise programmes in schools to promote a healthy life. During lockdown, the Foundation has been supporting some young adults in identifying indigent families and distributing food parcels. The youth initiated the food parcel programme and approached the Foundation for support.